JourneyMapping™ Community

Your holistic hub for midlife transitions

Curated for professionals ages 50-65ish

JourneyMapping™ Launch & Free Events!

A warm invitation to please come join us!

From midlife lows to your most meaningful chapter yet!

September xx, 6-7MT

We will unpack the midlife blues and how to use it as a catalyst for making some of the most meaningful choices and transitions of your life.

JourneyMapping™ : A treasure hunt to find your direction in midlife

September xx, 10-11 a.m. MT

Turn an isolating and depressing time of life into a powerful opportunity for growth and transformation. JourneyMapping™ is a personal journey, a framework, a community and a holistic hub. Come learn about this exciting vision!

Midlife Transitions – What’s possible for real?

Panel discussion

September xx, 6-7MT

We’ll explore 3 areas of midlife transition: Career, Relationships/Dating and Self Acceptance.

We’re here to have real talk. No hype or false promises. Our panel will give real life stories of you can relate to while also speaking to the challenges.

Participants will be invited to ask questions of our panel.

Panel guests include…

JourneyMapping™ may be for you if…

You've been "in it" for too long!

That is in the midlife blues such as:

  • Depression
  • Hormonal woes
  • Denial or fear of aging
  • Feeling like you failed in some way or other
  • or your world is contracting.

You feel stuck...


  • a job
  • relationships
  • a body
  • a mind
  • a home
  • a life
  • or a world

that doesn’t feel good to you.

You feel confused..

You don’t know what you really want.


You feel like you can’t have what you want (for a long list of reasons).


You question

if you can…


  • Slow down and take care of yourself
  • Have the love and support you need
  • Find purpose and flow in life
  • Know peace and contentment
  • Have a meaningful retirement

Welcome & Invitation
from Naraya

Welcome Video Here

 We journey through 9 Modules in 9 months

What you’ll accomplish

Clear Direction for your life

That is aligned with your heart and values. By the end of your journey you’ll have created a Life Design Blueprint; a customized map outlining your direction for life, work & relationships.

New Sense-of-Self

At the heart of JM is the invitation to relax and be yourself. You’ll be encouraged to discover your authenticity, stand in your strengths, shed what no longer serves and unravel imposter syndrome.

Effective Selfcare Routines

Custom for you. You will be supported to discover, experiment and incorporate healthy routines that work for you.

New Perspectives & Outlook

Are key to opening your thinking, goals and thus options for your future. We’ll accomplish this through discussion threads, live discussions and interviewing experts.

You'll also Learn

  • Abundant Holistic Resources
  • Holistic Strategic Planning
  • The experience of being held and supported in a purposeful, heart-centered community.

Ongoing Support to Impliment your Life Design

After your 9 month journey through JourneyMapping’s framework and getting clear on your life direction, there will a specilized member offering so you have the support and expertise needed to make major life changes.


JourneyMapping™ Community

All Inclusive Membership Overview

Community Platform

JourneyMapping Framework

Maps and exercises to discover and unfold your direction in midlife. 

Collaborative Community Hub

A private social network and course portal just for us with lots of options for organizing (not on FB).

Live Events*

JourneyMapping™ Class

15 min. A.M. Somatic Meditations (M,W,F)

Facilitated Discussions

Guest Interviews

Optional Weekly Coaching Group (additional fee)

Our Mission = To be a holistic bridge to a rewarding new chapter in life.

* Recordings will be posted for anytime viewing
* 3-4 Events/month + meditations & optional coaching
* All Events are 60 min. or under

Membership Fee

for 9 Months


Only $900 for Founding Members!*

* Plus tax for NM residents
* or 2-Payments of $365

Founding Member Invitation

A special invitation

JourneyMapping™ is an amazing opportunity for those ripe for making positive life changes. You will be given the inspiration, structure and support to do the courageous work of life re-evaluation and re-invention. 

I bring 40 years experience to the table and will be giving you my all as we launch this community together. 

– Naraya

Video invitation here

Founding Member Benefits

  • Discounted price for 1 year
  • Be part of a purposeful, inspiring commuity 
  • Lots of attention! Your success is our success.
  • Live presentations (vs recorded content)
  • Travel through JM Framework as a cohort
  • We will LISTEN! This community will evolve based on your needs, suggestions and feedback.
  • First 3+ months will be exclusively for Founding Members. (Once we are running smoothly enrollment will be open)
  • You’ll be part of a special cohort with ongoing benefits.

Who We Are

We are people who care

We care about others, we care about the environment and we care about our personal health and happiness.

We are all in midlife flux

Some of us are looking to reinvent our lives while others are called toward healing and transformation. Some are winding down, while others are stepping-up in leadership and service. Some are simplifying while others are expanding.

Each of us is unique

What meaningful change looks like is respected as unique and personal for each community member.

We are a community of values-driven, intelligent, midlife men and women ages 50-65ish.

We’ve been in midlife for a while now, are fed-up with the midlife blues and are ready for change!  Most of us are busy professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Together we will embark on a journey that supports each individual to grow and gain clarity about their future direction. The details of your journey remain private to you. 

This community will evolve based on your needs and requests.

    JourneyMapping gave me so much clarity around what is of #1 importance and what my heart desires and less loss of energy through worry, contradictory thinking and mental dead-ends.


    Matthew Sherrill

    Ashland, Oregon

    Naraya has been a calming force who has helped to guide me through trying transitions, see new possibilities, peel back the complicated layers of societal and familial expectations and to find the next path on this journey called life…

    Shay P.

    HR Director, Boston, MA

    Naraya is a good listener. She pays attention not only to her client’s words but to the subtext beneath the words and knows how to lead the client to his or her own recognition of long held beliefs and behavior patterns…

    J.L Ph.D

    Higher Education Administration

    JourneyMapping is a beautiful process that allows you to unfold you, just where you happen to be in your life. I feel so much lighter and so at peace.
    Daniele E.

    Visual Artist, SF, CA

    JourneyMapping™ Life Design Framework

    Ready to go on a treasure hunt to discover and unfold your direction in midlife? JourneyMapping’s™ framework will guide you through the process. Rest assured, JourneyMapping™ assessments and exercises are your own private inquiry.

    The framework offers a journey through 9 Modules in 9 months. Each month you’ll be offered an easy-to-accomplish monthly installment. Once an installment is posted, it will be accessible for ongoing access. Should you need to skip a month, you can always come back to the content.

    Thoughtful change happens over time. You will be encouraged to percolate on new ideas and perspectives rather than implementing quick solutions. 

    From the get-go you’ll be supported to take small, steady, action steps that generate momentum and move your life forward.

     Learn more about JourneyMapping™ here.

    15 Min. Somatic Meditations

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday A.M.*

    A guided journey of breath, mindfulness, somatic awareness and meditation. Clear your mind, calm your emotions, relax your body, activate your intuition and open to the mystery of life.

    Practicing together as a community generates a collective field of love and strength. You are encouraged to attend live but recordings will be posted. You will have the option to either sit (such as at your desk at work ) or lie down. 

    Led by Puja Sue Flamm, Restorative Yoga expert and dear friend with over 40 years teaching experience.

    * Recordings will be posted
    * We will poll for timing


    is for you IF

    You are ripe and ready to evolve your life.

    You are willing to be honest with yourself.

    You want to be part of an uplifting community.

    You're willing to participate in live events

    It’s okay if it’s a stretch! We will keep it safe, deep, yet professional. 

    You value wellness and a holistic approach.

    It's ready to listen to your heart.

    You're willing to commit to small, steady, action steps.

    You can devote 2 hours/week

    to classes, exercises and community engagment.

    is NOT for you IF

    You want or need instant results.

    You're not willing to try, and try again until you gain traction.

    You're not quite ready to do the work it takes to open new doors in your life.

    Personal growth is not on your radar.

    Holistic practices like meditation, somatic connection, healthy diet and exercise are not something you want to explore.

    You're not willing to stretch and get support if you need it.

    Coaching is optional but if you’re not gaining momentum we suggest joining a small coaching group for personal and confidential support.

    Naraya Stein

    Founder & Community Facilitor
    Coach, consultant, healer, yogi and truth seeker. View Bio Here.