JourneyMapping Community

A holistic community space for midlife voyagers

We gather in this community because:

  • The world is changing and we are changing too!
  • We want to explore new possibilities for our lives.
  • We are curious about a holistic approach to life and change.
  • We sense there is more for us personally or professionally.
  • We want to be part of a positive and supportive community of peers.

About Us

We are a community of values-based, intelligent, midlife men and women. Our days tend to be busy showing up as leaders, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and volunteers.

We define midlife as an engaged, often working stage-of-life where our knowlege and wisdom are growing into our main strength. Our ages range from 40-75ish. Although most of us are (or aspire 🙂 to be) active and vital we also humbly facing the realities of aging.

We are people who care; We care about others, we care about the environment and we care about our personal health and happiness.

We are drawn to a holistic approach which embraces body, mind and spirit and a systems/interconnected view of life and change. Many of us have a creative, adventurous or spiritual side to us.

We are all in midlife-pandemic flux: Some of us are looking to reinvent our lives while others are called toward healing and transformation. Some are winding down, while others are stepping-up in leadership and service. Some are simplifying while others are expanding.

What meaningful change looks like is respected as unique and personal for each community member.

As a collective we bring incredible wisdom and experience to the table which makes for a very dynamic community! We are mostly based in the USA to simplify our launch in 2022.

Community Membership Includes

  • A private social network that is our own space free of advertising, distraction and third party agendas (On Mighty Networks).
  • A positive, real and safe space to explore topics of interest to holistic oriented midlifers.
  • No requirements; Only engage in ways that benefit and feel authentic to you.
  • Conversations, conversations and more conversations as a means to self-discovery, learning and gaining clarity about your life direction. 
  • A community that will evolve based on your posts, responses and input. The community leads the way.
  • All members can initiate posts on any topic of interest. 
  • A talented, diverse community of peers where you are likely to make new friends.
  • Free events and presentations. 
  • Networking
  • Resource sharing
  • Emergent communmity leadership – Popular community contributors will be invited to share their perspectives in live panels. 
  • Live groups facilitated by Naraya on hot topics from our community forum (additional fee).
  • Community agreements to keep a strong container.  
  • Community membership is $60 per year. 

Naraya Stein

Founder & Community Facilitor
Coach, consultant, healer, yogi and truth seeker. View Bio Here.

Courses, Groups, Coaching

This platform is also the portal for Naraya’s JourneyMapping™ groups and courses. If you would benefit from personal support or a deeper immersion these offerings are made available for an additional fee but are completely optional.