Mastermind Groups

Exclusively for JourneyMapping® Community Members


Making successful life transitions is a very exciting, yet challenging venture!

Getting the support you need in a safe, focused, intimate, 6-person, facilitated Mastermind Group can make all the difference!

These Mastermind Groups are an optional add-on exclusively designed to accompany your 8-month journey through JourneyMapping’s® Framework.

Masterminds can give you the personalized support you need to gain traction and momentum on your path of life re-evaluation and life re-invention.



  • Review & discuss monthly Framework exercises
  • Personal support (from the whole group) to help you brainstorm or deliberate any exercise or important life choice
  • Personal and confidential sharing time
  • Check-in on selfcare routines
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Inspiration & encouragment
  • Q & A and resource sharing


    • 6 Person Groups
    • 2, 90-min. Mastermind groups each month
    • Faciliated by Naraya or Team Coach
    • Each week there will be a clear focus along with sharing time
    • We will start and end on time
    • An agreement to confidentiality
    • Ground rules to keep a positive and uplifting vibe
    • Okay to miss a session occassionally (with communication)
    • You can request to join a Mastermind Group with a friend or other JM community members you align with).



      * Plus tax for NM residents