Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions

Life Coaching Topics Include:

  • Visioning –Personal and Business/Professional Direction
  • Wellness – Lifestyle, health, self-care, spiritual practice, managing stress and anxiety
  • Releasing Blocks – Get to the bottom of Core Issues triggering emotional distress or holding you back
  • Relationships – Personal and work; Communication skills
  • Emotional Regulation – Tools for resourcing and recovering
  • Insight –Invite new perspectives and possibilities
  • Journey Integration – How to live what you learn on a medicine journey? 

FREE 30 min. Consultation

Life Boost – 3 Month Coaching Program

Journey Mapping Life Coaching begins with a 3-month series of weekly sessions to support you to gain insight and catalyze necessary momentum. After 3 months, bi-monthly coaching is an option. We’ll schedule around travel, holidays and vacations. Sessions are invoiced monthly.

Coaching Logistics

Journey Mapping Coaching 55 min. Session…………………..$150*

Via Phone or Video (Zoom, Face Time or Skype)

*Plus Gross Receipts Tax for NM residents
Invoiced Monthly


“I have felt stuck professionally for several years, despite a concerted effort through therapy, workshops, etc to get clear on what my work path should be. In only a few months, Naraya has helped me to open to some areas that I had been blind to, and I am clearly making progress towards my goal of realizing how to manifest my spiritual experiences through my work.

Naraya combines a meticulous listening ability with her years of spiritual practice to really probe towards opening the connection with my inner voice and energy source. I highly recommend seeing her if you are needing some help in integrating your spiritual, emotional, and work worlds.”
– Gary Pace MD MPH


Holistic Approach

Journey Mapping Coaching engages a comprehensive, systems and holistic approach. We review your aspirations, challenges and stage-of-life objectives. You take inventory of both your inner and outer realities. We then then map out the big picture, and hone in on how to best shift the system in support of your success and happiness.

  1. Are there major aspects of your life that need attention (relationships, work, health, wellbeing, etc.)?
  2. Are there Core Issues or early trauma that has yet to be fully addressed (even if you’ve done therapy) i.e. you feel stuck, disempowered, isolated or miserable?
  3. Might there be a need for life balance or creating a connection between different aspects of self and life e.g. staying connected to your heart and body during your work day?