JourneyMapping® Coaching

A Personal Invitation

Unhappy or spinning? Not sure what’s holding you back or which direction to go in? Been on the path for years but still not feeling at peace? Need strategic or spiritual counsel?

My Coaching Services offer personalized support so you can effectively evolve your service and leadership, find a new direction, meet the challenges you are facing, or address any important or consequential questions in life.

Our work together will include heart-to-heart and strategic conversations. Where there is confusion or emotional triggers, we’ll explore through experiential and somatic exercises. Good chance we’ll also do some Strategy Mapping.

My gifts as a Coach are as a keen listener, a talent for seeing the big picture (System’s Thinking) and asking strategic questions that help you get to the heart of your issue as well as tracking you for subtle signals (ways you light up or shut down) that give clues to your deeper truth.

This offering will be customized for you.

Ways I can support you

  • Leadership/Service Direction
  • Explore aspirations and challenges
  • Professional transitions
  • Personal transitions
  • Strategy and action plans
  • Wellness and self-care routines
  • Relationships – boundaries, communication, dating…
  • Work-Life balance
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Trauma recovery
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Yoga and meditation practice
  • Medicine journey integration
  • Wedding agreements & vows for couples

Strategy Mapping

Strategy Mapping is a “Sense-Making” process. On a white-board you’ll map the different possible pathways and scenarios for your future.

I’ll guide you in an exploration that taps into your heart and emotional intelligence as much as your discerning mind and knowledge.

You’ll deliberate each possible pathway for strengths and concerns. We’ll assess priorities and next steps. You’ll gain clarity on how to navigate the maze of your life issue. Strategy Mapping comes out of my Strategic Planning background. 

JourneyMapping® Coaching Fees

  • 30% Off Special – $140/hr*; $280*/2hr Strategy Mapping
  • 40% Off for Taos Residents – $120/hr*; $240*/2hr Strategy Mapping
  • *Plus tax for NM residents

JourneyMapping® Coaching Menu

2 Hr Strategy Mapping Session

During this 2 hour, stand-alone session, you’ll focus on one area of life e.g. work or life direction. This is a “sense-making” session. You’ll map out the different possible pathways and scenarios and we’ll deliberate each pathway for strengths and concerns. We’ll assess priorities and next steps. You’ll get clarity on how to navigate the maze of your life issue.

JourneyMapping® Coaching

Support to navigate and stay balanced on your life path. Your Coaching will be customized to whatever issue, cross-road or challenge you are facing. Start by signing up for an individual session and if it’s a good match we can talk about regular coaching sessions.