Naraya has been a calming force who has helped to guide me through trying transitions, see new possibilities, peel back the complicated layers of societal and familial expectations and find the next path on this journey called life. Her gentle wisdom has been like a compass through some pivotal changes over the last six years including navigating a very toxic work environment, overwhelming stress and caregiving an aging parent.

I’m currently working with Naraya on the exploration of the next chapter in my life; unlike the other times, it is not driven by stress, but by a hunger for finding a purpose and place for me. I recommend her highly as a life coach.

Shay P.

HR Director, Boston, MA

I have felt stuck professionally for several years, despite a concerted effort through therapy, workshops, etc. to get clear on what my work path should be. In only a few months, Naraya has helped me to open to some areas that I had been blind to, and I am clearly making progress towards my goal of realizing how to manifest my spiritual experiences through my work.

Naraya combines a meticulous listening ability with her years of spiritual practice to really probe towards opening the connection with my inner voice and energy source. I highly recommend seeing her if you are needing some help in integrating your spiritual, emotional, and work worlds.

Gary Pace

MD MPH, Sebastopol, CA

JourneyMapping is a beautiful process that allows you to unfold you, just where you happen to be in your life. I feel so much lighter and so at peace. Thank you!

Daniele E.

Visual Artist, San Fran. CA

First and foremost, Naraya is a good listener. She pays attention not only to her client’s words but to the subtext beneath the words and knows how to lead the client to his or her own recognition of long held beliefs and behavior patterns that need to be acknowledged and possibly changed.

Working with Naraya has lead me to both the acknowledgment level and the change level, and, most importantly to the level of making small, consistent, conscious changes in lifestyle and direction that I do not abandon under stress. Those of you who are interested in improving your self-awareness and level of social consciousness would do well, and be blessed, by working with her.

J.L. Ph.D

Higher Education Administration

Naraya’s JourneyMapping totally changed my life! I was so stuck and lost including the unspeakable, tragic death of my daughter. I left my job as a medical social worker and wanted to find a new purpose, but had no idea where to begin.

I also needed to change my living situation… Just 2 months after the course ended, I now have the new condo of my dreams and am about to start a new business.

Naraya’s compassionate and supportive manner along with her innovative ideas created so much new energy and helped me to relax into the mystery and notice the clues around me and regain the confidence to take action and move forward.

Sherry Greene LICSW

Life Coach, Boston, MA

Working with Naraya as a coach and consultant has been transformational. I began my tenure at Ten Thousand Waves Spa when morale was low and our quarterly meetings yielded 10 therapists. Naraya helped me create an agenda and develop meeting plans that encouraged participation and positive feedback. She facilitated the first meetings and then coached me so I could facilitate the meetings with confidence.

Our meeting participation went from 10 to 100. We discussed controversial topics in a positive productive manner and were able to get therapists to help plan and implement change. I feel the culture at Ten Thousand Waves has changed; therapists feel they have a voice. I am grateful to Naraya for her passion and guidance and for the skills she has taught me which I will continue to use throughout my career.

Courtney Morris

Director at Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Santa Fe, NM

I found myself at a loss upon retiring. Having worked so long and hard I hadn’t really developed other interests. Naraya helped me find realistic goals that would send me in a new direction. Using various strategies to reach those parts of me that I always feared, Naraya gently assisted me to change and expand in the ways I wanted.

My coaching has focused on developing a more healthy mindset, lifestyle routines and creative pursuits. All of this has given me the ability to pursue major moves including buying my own home. My life is fuller, happier than I thought I could ever be. This would not be true without Naraya’s experienced coaching.

Nancy Morgan

Retired Educator, West L.A., CA

My husband and I sought out Naraya’s support during a particularly stressful and chaotic time in our personal and financial lives. We came to her feeling utterly overwhelmed and scattered, and we left feeling deeply understood, connected to ourselves and each other, and much more clear about our next steps.

Naraya brings a rare combination of compassionate enthusiasm, calm presence & focused realism to her listening and guidance.  Should you ever feel stuck, confused or in need of direction, we can highly recommend Naraya and her profoundly practical, yet joyfully enlivening JourneyMapping process.

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.

Artist, Author, Spiritual Counselor, Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck, Berkeley, CA

Coaching with Naraya was life-changing. I descended to discover the depths of my fears and ascended to glimpse the freedom that awaits by living life as the real me as opposed to a scared child who lives in frequent fear that he’ll never reach the expectations of his inner critic.

Naraya brings an amazing, maybe even unique, combination of skills to this most personal undertaking.  In short, it was an amazing transformational experience.

Rick K

Former Judge, Practicing Lawyer

Naraya’s coaching work allows for integration of the practical and spiritual aspects of my life and my vision. She assists me in organizing my dreams into a reality so that what I am doing and who I am are in alignment.

I have worked with both professional and personal coaches for the past three years and I will say that Naraya is a true leader, and I highly recommend her service to anyone who is ready for expansive and transformational growth.

Dr. Tracey Wright

D.C., Maui, HI