Mindful Midlife Reinvention


Mindful Midlife Reinvention 

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A Special Invitation
From Naraya

JourneyMapping® may be for you if...

You’ve been in ‘it’ for too long!


That is the "midlife blues" such as:


  • Emotional lows
  • Questioning your future
  • Denial or fear of aging
  • Feeling like you failed in some way or other
  • Isolation

You feel stuck in...


  • a job
  • relationships
  • a body
  • a mind
  • a home
  • a life
  • or a world

that doesn't feel good to you.

You feel confused..


You don't know what you really want.


You feel like you can't have what you want (for a long list of reasons).


You question

if you can...


  • Slow down and take care of yourself
  • Have the love and support you need
  • Find purpose and flow
  • Know peace and contentment

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May 30th – June 13th

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The Challenge and Opportunity of Midlife

May 30, 5:30-6:30 MT*

We will unpack the midlife blues and how to use it as a catalyst for making some of the most meaningful choices and transitions of your life. We will also explore why midlife is a powerful choice point and what the opportunity is.

A Treasure Hunt to Find and Unfold your Direction in Midlife

June 6, 5:30-6:30 MT*

Learn a fluid approach to visioning that balances listening to your heart with a strategic systems approach to change. Turn a challenging time in life into an empowering journey of life reevaluation and reinvention. 

Mapping, Meditation & Intuition

June 10, 9:30-10:30 a.m. MT*

Opening your vision and intution are important ingredients to opening new pathways in your brain and in your life. Join us for a nourishing hour of meditation, relaxation, mapping and journaling JourneyMapping style! 

The Power of a Community of Practice • Membership Details and Q&A

June 13, 5:30-6:30 MT*

Purposeful community can put wind under your sails! Learn what a community of practice is and why it offers strength, momentum, inspiration and support for its members. We'll go over details of our Community and open the floor for Q&A.

* We encourage you to attend live but replays will be sent out the day after the event.

Our Team of Facilitators

Naraya Stein

Founder, Life & Leadership Coach, Community Facilitator

Puja Sue Flamm

Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Spiritual, Health & Grief Coach

Anamika Chrestenson

Relationships, Break-up, Single-Life, Wellness & Mindset

Jodi Klebick

Nonprofit Leader, Coach, Consultant, Author & Facilitator

Randi Benator

Career and Life Transitions

Male Coaches coming soon! We love you guys, please come join us!

Midlife is notoriously a challenging stage of life.
Yet it has the potential to catalyze some of the most meaningful
choices and transitions
you can make for yourself, your life and your future.

The world is changing...

and chances are…
you’re changing too!

JourneyMapping® is most especially an experiential journey of finding and unfolding your direction in midlife in today’s changing world.

JourneyMapping® Community is…

A Personal Journey

JourneyMapping is most especially an experiential journey of finding and unfolding your direction in midlife – in today’s changing world. You’ll embark on a treasurehunt based in mindfulness practices to collect the clues that can move your life forward. The finer details of your journey remain private to you. 

Life Design Framework

JourneyMapping’s Holistic Life Design Framework includes:

  • Teachings
  • Maps
  • Exercises
  • 9 Modules

to discover and unfold your direction in midlife. 

A Community

We will leverage the power of community for:

  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Collective wisdom
  • Resource exchange
  • Strength, support & accountability

We’ll keep it safe, yet deep. You are also encouraged to join a small  Mastermind Groups for confidential, indepth sharing & support.

An Online Hub

24/7 access to an interactive community portal for:


  • Community Discussions
  • Recordings of Live Events
  • JM Life Design Framework

Naraya Stein

Founder & Community Facilitator
Coach, consultant, healer, yogi and truth seeker.