Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions

Life Design & Life Coaching

Clients come to me for Life Re-Evaluation, Visioning, or because they are struggling, depleted, lost or unhappy on some level. My clients are caring, intelligent individuals who are already on a path of consciousness and personal growth. Many are dedicated professionals, leaders and educators, some are retired or in life transition. 

Topics Include:

  • Visioning – Personal and work Direction
  • Wellness – Lifestyle, health, self-care and managing stress and anxiety
  • Releasing Blocks – Get to the bottom of Core Issues triggering emotional distress or holding you back
  • Relationships – Personal and work; Communication skills
  • Emotional Regulation – Tools for resourcing and recovering
  • Insight – Invite new perspectives and possibilities
  • Journey-space – Medicine journey Integration

Real Change

The goal of Journey Mapping is real and lasting change. Central to this is having a meaningful direction in your life, work and relationships. It also includes an embodied sense of health and wholeness.

Holistic Approach

Journey Mapping Coaching engages a comprehensive, systems and holistic approach. We review your aspirations, challenges and stage-of-life objectives. You take inventory of both your inner and outer realities. We then then map out the big picture, and hone in on how to best shift the system in support of your success and happiness.

  1. Are there major aspects of your life that need attention (relationships, work, health, wellbeing, etc.)?
  2. Are there Core Issues or early trauma that has yet to be fully addressed (even if you’ve done therapy) i.e. you feel stuck, disempowered, isolated or miserable?
  3. Might there be a need for life balance or creating a connection between different aspects of self and life e.g. staying connected to your heart and body during your work day?

Address Core Issues

Healing Core Issues has the power to change both your experience of life, as well as your aspirations. Examples include going to the source of patterns like perfectionism, high ideals, excessive need for control, conflict avoidance, insecurity, etc.

Although I am not a psychotherapist, and am not licensed to diagnose or treat clinical issues, I work effectively with clients who have already done therapy but are still feeling stuck in old patterns. 

I am trained in Hakomi somatic therapy, trauma and yoga therapy. I believe in an experiential approach for the healing aspect of your coaching program, and engage best practices proven by neuroscience research. My approach is client-centered; your feeling safe every step-of-the-way, is my first priority.

I have extensive knowledge of holistic modalities and will sometimes recommend augmenting your coaching program with additional therapies such as psychotherapy, EMDR, ketamine, massage or energy work if it could make the difference to you having a breakthrough.

Resilience and Holding Center

Your coaching program will nurture your connection to Essential Self and Core Power. Yet life has its way of serving up countless curve balls, so developing tools that bring you back to center, will be key to your mastery.

Why Naraya

Naraya brings an abundance of patience, empathy and understanding as a Life Coach. She knows firsthand how challenging life can be as a sensitive person whose life has been shaped by early trauma. Naraya is gifted with a sharp intellect, strong intuition, and a caring nature. She has over 30 years experience as a Life Coach, Healer, and Strategic Planner and has practiced yoga and meditation for 37 years. 

Pandemic Positive Change!

Disruption can work in your favor! It’s such a ripe time for life reevaluation and to ask “What’s most important to me? What’s working? What’s NOT working? and What do I want?” 

Journey Mapping weaves together Life Coaching, Strategic Planning, Mind Mapping and invites your Intuition, Somatic and Emotional Intelligence.


“My husband and I came to Naraya feeling utterly overwhelmed and scattered, and we left feeling deeply understood, connected to ourselves and each other, and much more clear about our next steps.”

-Rosy Aronson, Ph.D. Artist/Author, Spiritual Counselor & Blossoming Expert 

Journey Mapping totally changed my life!… It helped me to relax into the mystery and notice the clues around me and now I’m “in the flow” in all areas of my life!

-Sherry Greene LICSW, Boston, MA


You and Your Wellbeing are at the
Heart of Journey Mapping