Vision & Reimagine in Midlife


Vision & Reimagine in Midlife


One Powerful 90-min. Session! Only $150 - 50% Discounted!
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Need perspective on a personal, wellness or business issue?

NM, The Land of Enchantment, has been an icon for spirit, culture, creativity and healing since ancient times. This Coaching session taps into the power of this land that is my home.

In this 90min, virtual session, you’ll bring one issue to the plate. You’ll be guided in a process that is fun, insightful and expansive. It will tap into your intuition, heart and creativity while also being targeted and strategic. For anyone at any age or stage of life. 

The intention is to have FUN while opening your perspective and options related to the issue on-the-table so you can gain forward movement on your life path.

Welcome from Naraya

Holistic Coaching & Visioning for Midlife


  • Career Transition
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Home & Relocation
  • Grief & Loss
  • Living a Heart-Centered Life


  • Retirement
  • Life Direction & Life Reinvention
  • Self Compassion, Self Esteem
  • Relationships, Divorce, Single life, Boundaries
  • Wedding & Recommitment Vows

The world is changing...

and chances are…
you’re changing too!

JourneyMapping® may be for you if…

You feel stuck in...


  • a job
  • relationships
  • a body
  • a mind
  • a home
  • a life
  • or a world

that doesn't feel good to you.

You feel confused..


You don't know what you really want.


You feel like you can't have what you want (for a long list of reasons).

You’ve been in ‘it’ for too long!


  • Questioning your future
  • Scared to make changes
  • Fear of aging
  • Feeling like you failed in some way or other
  • Isolation

You question

if you can...


  • Slow down and take care of yourself
  • Have the love and support you need
  • Find purpose and flow
  • Know peace and contentment

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Midlife is notoriously a challenging stage of life.
Yet it has the potential to catalyze some of the most meaningful
choices and transitions
you can make for yourself, your life and your future.

Naraya Stein

Founder & Community Facilitator
Coach, consultant, healer, yogi and truth seeker.