Naraya Stein

About Naraya

I am a Healer, Yogi, Coach, Consultant and the founder of Journey Mapping.™

JourneyMapping is a synthesis of knowledge that comes from my 35+ years as a Life and Leadership Coach, wellness professional, organizational consultant and passionate truth seeker.

Evolving one’s life is a journey that takes courage, vulnerability, self-awareness and dedication. We humans are complex, and this only increases as we age, given all our diverse life experiences. I approach each individual with curiosity so I can learn what you need, what you want and what makes you tick.

My Story

There is no doubt my approach to Healing and and Facilitation have been shaped by my own life experiences and experiments.

I lived in a yoga center, Kripalu, for 10 years beginning in 1983, age 20. I worked as a manager and learned the organizational side of running a large holistic program center. At Kripalu I gained holistic lifestyle practices that continue to be the foundation of my life today including yoga, pranayama (breathing),  meditation, healthy diet, self-care practices and listening to my heart.

As a passionate truth-seeker, I have firsthand experience with many approaches to personal development, healing and spirituality including workshops, retreats, psychotherapy, leadership trainings, wilderness immersions, medicine journies, ecstatic dance and world travel.

I have also learned a lot from my relationships including step-parenting 3 wonderful kids who have grown up into creative, generous and loving adults.

It’s been a long road for me to find inner peace. In spite of my disciplined commitment to personal growth, I continued to struggle with anxiety, depression, shame and imposter syndrome. It was not until my mid 50’s that I finally came to understand the insideous nature of the cPTSD that was at the root of my issues.

Thanks to recent research (e.g Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score or many of Gabor Mate’s Youtubes) it is now understood that negligent parenting (whether it be due to addiction, absence or mental health issues) imprints a child’s nervous system with coping patterns to their environment.

For instance, many of us with developmental trauma have learned to dissociate as a coping strategy. The stength in this is that we often have a strong connection to Spirit as it is where we went for solace. The downside is that the lack of safety we felt in our developing years has us habitually dissociating when life and people get challenging (which they do all the time!).

Although this understanding has helped me tremendously, it is still a daily practice to catch myself when I trigger and do the self-care I need to stay balanced and embodied. My respect goes to those of us who embrace our human vulnerablity and tap into as a strength.

Another important chapter of my life focused on cultural sensitivity and diversity. I learned just how much I don’t know! I have come to value conversations with people who are different from me, and the ways we can grow each other, if we are willing to listen.

I love being with friends, nature, gardens, local organic food and the simpler things in life. I lived in Santa Fe, NM for 27 years and have recently moved north to Taos. I am loving this small mountain town rich in spirit and good people. I take daily hikes my dog Tiba.

Given my own story and 40 years in personal development spaces, I can be synical of anyone who sells their service or product as a magic bullet for healing or enlightenment. I have come to respect an integrative, holistic approach that recognizes complexity, seeks to understand underlying issues including physical & hormonal health, trauma and where there is a disconnect between one’s current circumstances and where they want to be in life.

My Education & Training

I have a BA in pre-medical studies and a certificate in Hakomi Integrative Somatics with a specialty in trauma. I have facilited thousands and thousands of client sessions as a Life Coach, Massage and Hakomi therapist. I also worked as an Organizational Consultant faciliting Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and collaborative approaches to change.

I am trained in Organizational Learning and Systems Shinking, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Mindful Facilitation, Diversity and Inclusion and Nonviolent Communication. I also studied at the Coaches Training Institutute.

I am a licensed massage therapist and Kripalu Yoga teacher. Additionally I have studied Ayurveda, medicine journey integration and Buddhist philosophy and meditation.