JourneyMapping® Visioning

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Invitation from Naraya

JourneyMapping® Visioning

What if you could reimagine your future? What might it look like? You are invited to join me, and a group of fellow midlifers, for a Visioning Journey that is thoughtful, fun and creative!

There are 9 Modules in JourneyMapping’s Visioning Framework. Each module includes teachings, maps, journaling and assessments. 

You will balance listening to your heart and intuition, while also implementing a strategic, system’s approach to visioning and change.

You’ll explore:

  • What is Calling to you (your needs/yearnings/dreams)?
  • What is Draining you (what depletes)?
  • You’ll gain Clarity about your life direction and priorities.

By the end of your Visioning Journey you’ll have created your own Life Design Blueprint. 

JourneyMapping® Life Design Blueprint

Your Blueprint is a customized map outlining your direction for life, work and relationships. It is inclusive of your core values. 

9 Modules in 9 Weeks

JourneyMapping® Visioning may be for you if…

You feel stuck in...


  • a job
  • relationships
  • a body
  • a mind
  • a home
  • a life
  • or a world

that doesn't feel good to you.

You feel confused..


About your direction and purpose in life


You feel like you can't have what you want (for a long list of reasons).

You’ve been in ‘it’ for too long!


  • Questioning your future
  • Scared to make changes
  • Fear of aging
  • Feeling like you failed in some way or other
  • Isolation

You question

if you can...


  • Slow down and take care of yourself
  • Have the love and support you need
  • Find purpose and flow
  • Know peace and contentment

JourneyMapping Visioning guides you on an experiential journey.
You’ll find your way…

through journaling and personal assessment,







and introspective mapping exercises.

9-week Course Fee


Now only $399*!!

* Plus tax for NM residents

Please signup for Wait List if you want to Vision!! I will run a fall 2023 course as soon as there is a enough interest. It will happen online on a weekday evening.

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JourneyMapping® Visioning

What’s Included:

9-90 min. Zoom JourneyMapping Classes w/ Naraya

Recordings will be posted for anytime viewing.

JourneyMapping Framework

9 Modules with maps, assessments, templates, teachings and handouts to discover and unfold your direction in midlife. Please plan to devote at least 1  hour each week to introspective homework exercises.

Community Participation

All classes will include time for participants to share and ask questions. We’ll also have a private Facebook page for online discussions, questions and resource exchange.

Our Mission = To be a holistic bridge to a rewarding new chapter in life.

What you’ll accomplish

Clear Direction for your life

That is aligned with your heart and values. By the end of your journey you’ll have created a Life Design Blueprint; a customized map outlining your direction for life, work & relationships.

New Sense-of-Self

At the heart of JM is the invitation to relax and be yourself. You’ll be encouraged to discover your authenticity, stand in your strengths, shed what no longer serves and unravel imposter syndrome.

Selfcare Routines

You will be supported to discover, experiment and incorporate healthy routines that work for you.

New Perspectives & Outlook

Are key to opening your thinking, goals and thus options for your future.

Holistic Strategy


  • You’ll get clear on your Priorities
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Clear to-dos
  • Gain Momentum
  • Turns finding your way in life into a treasure hunt.

Supplies Needed

  • Computer or tablet access to JourneyMapping® Community Hub and Zoom capable
  • Journal
  • Sticky notes like Post-its – recommend 3”x 3” (3 colors are nice)
  • Art pad 14″x 17″ or larger is optional but encouraged
  • Crayons and/or markers for simple drawing.
  • Artists encouraged to make use of any art supplies you have on hand.
  • A white board is helpful