Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions

Visioning Mapping
Online Course

Coming April 2021!

These are times of Change…
Explore Yours!

This Course will give you:

  1. A Fun and Creative approach to Life Assessment & Life Design
  2. Big Picture Perspective on where you are and where you are Going 
  3. A North Star Map, your guiding Stars and Vision
  4. A Holistic Strategic Plan for your next Chapter
  5. A Personalized Program to Increase Energy & Patch Leaks
  6. New Friends who to Inspire, Support and Hold your Vision with you


  1. Vision Mapping on art pads. No artistic experience needed.  
  2. Explore what Life Purpose means to you
  3. Tools for Visioning and Navigating
  4. How to create Traction and forward movement
  5. A System’s Approach to Unfolding your Visions
  6. A Metaphysical view on Co-Creating with life
  7. Tips to Successful Strategic Planning
  8. Partner and Group Sharing

Vision Mapping courses are offered via Zoom. Your program will include quick exercises, group sharing, teaching segments, handouts, Q& A, and Journey Mapping. For Retreats, we’ll take a break from Zoom when you create your maps, and then reconvene for debrief and sharing (Some of your Journey Maps will be done as homework for the 6 week course).


Dates/Times to TBA in my Newsletter
Likely 6-8 PM MT

Supplies Needed

  1. You will need a private retreat space where you can do your Journey Maps with no interruptions; a space that is inspiring, peaceful, private and relaxing.
  2. Computer with camera and internet access to be able to participate on Zoom
  3. Journal
  4. Wear comfortable clothing
  5. Water, tea and snacks on hand so you can take breaks and stay nourished in your retreat space
  6. Art supplies
    1. Art Pad 14″x 17″ or larger
    2. Art Supplies that are easy to use for drawing such as Crayons, colored arkers, colored pencils, pastels or even acrylic paints if you are set up to do that.
    3. Colored markers, or crayons with fine enough point for writing

Journey Mapping encourages you to dance with the unknown, rather than trying to control it. Vision Mapping begins in a light and playful way that teases out your deeper aspirations. As you progress through your maps, you’ll be guided to narrow your direction and ground your inspirations into clear action steps.

Vision Mapping will give you the knowledge, structure and strategy that will enable you to focus your time, energy and money to where it is most generative.

“It’s a beautiful process that allows you to unfold you, just where you happen to be in your life. I feel so much lighter and so at peace. Thank you!”.  

– Daniele E., visual artist, San Fran. CA

“Journey Mapping gave me so much clarity around what is of #1 importance and what my heart desires and less loss of energy through worry, contradictory thinking and mental dead-ends.”-

– Matthew Sherrill, Ashland, Oregon

3 min. Video Introduction to Vision Mapping