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Returning to Center
Holistic Tools for Regulating Moods & Emotions

Somatic and Mindfulness based techniques for regulating moods, emotions and anxiety in daily life. I will share a treasure chest of best practices I have learned from my 37 years on a holistic path.

We’ll draw on techniques from a variety of traditions such as: yoga, somatic therapy, psychotherapy, buddhism, mindfulness and stress reduction science and a little journaling as well. This course includes an overview of neuroscience and why mindfulness techniques can be so helpful for healthy brain functioning.

This class is largely experiential. You will be guided through each technique many times so that you can make it your own. We’ll start simple and build on what we learn each week. Each class will also include Teachings, Q&A as well as Debrief and Sharing time.

Preparation & Setup

  • Quiet, private space where you won’t be interrupted
  • Computer that connects to Zoom
  • Wear comfortable clothing for gentle movement
  • Comfortable seat – chair or meditation cushion
  • Journal and pen
  • Tend to your basic needs so you can be present with yourself e.g. eat a light dinner, walk the dog, etc.