Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions

Consulting Services

  • Team Buildings
  • Strategic Planning for Organizations and Non-Profits
  • Collaborative approaches to Change
  • Inspirational Talks
  • Online Trainings

For What Audiences?

  • Teams in any Private and Governmental Organizations
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students nearing graduation
  • Woman’s Organizations

Past Topics

  • Team Buildings
  • Life Purpose Myth Busting
  • Visioning in Times of Change
  • Passion in the Workplace
  • Why Birthing your Purpose can be so Challenging

Past Places & Clients

  • Ten Thousand Waves Spa, many trainings
  • Tax and Revenue Dept. Team Building Santa Fe
  • Numerous collaborative initiatives for the states of Co. and Ks. with Omega Point International consulting firm.
  • Transitions Network Santa Fe
  • Extensive Community Presentations in Berkeley CA and Santa Fe, NM

“Working with Naraya as a coach and consultant has been transformational. I began my tenure at Ten Thousand Waves Spa when morale was low and our quarterly meetings yielded 10 therapists. Naraya helped me create an agenda and develop meeting plans that encouraged participation and positive feedback. She facilitated the first meetings and then coached me so I could facilitate the meetings with confidence.

Our meeting participation went from 10 to 100. We discussed controversial topics in a positive productive manner and were able to get therapists to help plan and implement change. I feel the culture at TTW has changed, therapists feel they have a voice. I am grateful to Naraya for her passion and guidance and for the skills she has taught me which I will continue to use throughout my career.”

-Courtney Morris, Director, Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Santa Fe, NM