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What is Your Soul Whispering to You?

When you turn your attention inward, what guidance is there on how to evolve your life that could bring more health, creativity or meaning? Maybe you can’t yet hear the words yet, but you have a ‘felt-sense’ about what this might be.

It might be creative guidance/inspiration for your work, service or self-expression. Or maybe it’s something big, like a change in career, home or a close relationship. It might be about self-care such as exercise, diet, healing, finding direction, clarity or catalyzing spiritual growth. Or maybe it is something more refined, like extending kindness to yourself or others. 

If those whispers have been with you for some time, then it’s especially important to pay attention. Depression can be a natural outcome of not taking-action to evolve our lives in the ways we are guided. 

It doesn’t matter what your guidance is, what matters is that you are growing in healthy ways that have your feel there is momentum, inspiration and creativity in your life i.e. not feeling stagnant or stuck.

I believe these whisperings are how our soul speaks to us. It is how we are guided in the most personal and intimate way. Only you know what is right for you…IF you able to hear and listen.

I believe our inner guidance comes through when we are relaxed. Trying to “think it through”, is not necessarily the best approach when it comes to accessing clear guidance that you can get behind for the long-run. Thus, it can be prudent to put your analytical mind aside, allowing it to rest and be spacious. Look for a clarity that comes from your feeling, creative and soulful Self, as opposed to your thinking-self. 

For me guidance often comes through when I am moving my body; such as doing yoga or taking a hike. I also find heart-opening activities such as spiritual gatherings, chanting or inspirational talks (even podcasts) helpful to evoke my inner truth. I always take note when I am flooded with feelings and emotion, such as an inner stirring or tearing up.  

However, emotions can also be temperamental! If it is a new inspiration that represents significant change, I recommend being with your guidance for days or even weeks, before acting on it. 

Sometimes guidance is like a step-stone, your inspiration or realization, may open something up inside you that leads you to what’s next, but it’s not meant as something for you to literally do. By “sleeping on it”, talking with others, and doing some research, you can begin to unravel if your guidance is something you are meant to act on.

Larger decisions are likely to take some research as we discussed in my last blog post on Intuition and Decision Making.

What is your soul whispering to you? Might this post be an inspiration to listen, trust and follow through on your inner guidance? The more you listen and trust your inner guidance, the more it will continue to flow through you. And if there is too much “noise”, fear or confusion and you want support, I am always happy to help and offer free coaching consultations.