Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions

Woman to Woman

An Unexpected Blessing came this fall when I offered my group programs to exclusively women. The container got safer, personal sharings went deeper and I was blown away by the incredible wisdom that comes from life experience, that was so generously offered woman to woman.

Creating Journey Mapping has been a life’s work for me. It has taken years of dedication. I’ve had to walk-my-talk, face my demons, build my facilitation and business skills and do a very honest and often raw inner journey.

Yet it is new that Journey Mapping (JM) is having a life and momentum of it’s own. I have crossed a threshold that we all long for as we birth and grow our visions. Whether it be career/service, home, community or relationship there is a point where your vision takes root and not only begins to have a life of it’s own, but also begins to flower and fruit, bringing you gifts in both expected and unexpected ways! Sometimes it can take years nurturing and tweaking a vision/dream (and doing the inner work it asks of us) before it solidly takes root.

Yes, I created a container (a program and a structure), but the Unexpected Blessing is what the women are creating for each other. I am discovering this journey to find our right relationship to life, is so much better supported woman to woman.

Women simply have a different approach to life and leadership that is more relational and less competitive and goal oriented. Most of us crave to work LESS while living more from our heart and intuition. 

In addition, there are so many messages we’ve been given (from family and society) that can have us prioritizing ourselves last and other’s first. It is common to keep ourselves small and perpetuate insecurity. We can be shy to exercise our voice, leadership and passion, especially if it goes against the grain.

What I see emerging, is a Women’s Mentoring Community; a community devoted to each member blossoming into her truest expression. Gotta pinch myself! I can’t tell you how much this is a dream of mine. True mentorship is something deeply lacking in our culture. And given the opportunity, we as women are naturally wired to want to give to each other what we crave for ourselves. It is time to stop living and dreaming small!

Narrowing my audience to just women was a niching leap for me. I had been hesitant to do this, as I have had some wonderful men enjoy my programs in the past. Any of you on the path to finding or tweaking your niche can relate to the concern of narrowing your market. Yet offering my

What areas of your life (career/service, parenting, creative projects, spiritual practice, relationships, home, etc.) are bringing you Unexpected Blessings and giving back to you in powerful ways?

What Purpose Seeds are you nurturing, that you are committed to bringing to fruition?